Struggling To Lose Weight?

Despite our efforts to manage weight and encourage healthy eating, so many of our strategies fail to produce lasting results. A large number of people have experienced the frustration of losing weight for a short period of time, only to regain it. The main reason for this is that most weight loss and nutrition strategies do not change lifelong habits or stay effective over time. As a result, there is a yo-yo effect.

This is where our nutritionists come in.

They understand your struggle because they have all been in your shoes at some point and struggled just like you are struggling. They believe that the  most sustainable things are those that are simple over time. The goal must be to change habits for life, not just short-term gains.  This is why they sat down and came up with specially curated diet plans that are easy to follow.

They designed our Meal Plans to reverse the damage caused by long term unhealthy eating habits. We do not promise a miracle diet with instant results. We are trying to help each other live our best lives and losing weight in the healthiest possible way. These proven meal plans will help your body repair its metabolism.

Couple these delicious meals with our Keto tea and our Golden Turmeric Milk Tea.

How To Get The Best Out Of Soko's Diet Plan
Organic Turmeric Latte

With so many health benefits, Soko’s Healthy Golden Turmeric Latte is a worthy addition to your daily routine. 

The Healthy Golden Turmeric Latte is believed to improve mental clarity and memory, reduce inflammation and even lower the risk of heart disease. This 100g supplement is also blended with antioxidant-rich ginger, licorice, black pepper and cinnamon. The vegan, organic formula is keto and paleo-friendly. Simply add ½ teaspoon to your favorite warm beverage, smoothie or recipe to notice the difference.


Natural Keto Tea

Get the most out of your KETO diet with Soko’s all-natural tea. It’s made with a carefully selected blend of herbs that have countless benefits – including boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite and promoting healthy digestion. This 28-day supply harnesses the power of MCT oil to help you achieve and maintain ketosis. With regular use, you’ll notice an increase in your energy and focus, plus less bloating and constipation.

Free Ebook Recipe Books

There are so many diet foods and recipes out there, but finding the right ones can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you .

We understand that we are all different that is why we came up with 5 different Meal Plans to cater for all people with different nutritional needs. We have 5 complete Ebooks for free. You are free to download and share the links with your friends and family.

You find in these Ebooks diet plans which feature nutrient rich delicious meals that are cheap and easy to prepare. With these delicious meals , you will not feel deprived or hungry .

You’ll find just about everything you need to start today, from delicious breakfast recipes to mouthwatering dinner recipes. You’ll be able to find a delicious recipe to try that suits your tastes and lifestyle. You’ll always have something satisfying on the menu.

Free Exercise Videos

An active lifestyle is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition to helping you relieve stress, exercising can prevent health problems, build strength, and boost energy. It can also reduce appetite and help keep your weight under control.

Our fitness experts also came up with some easy, short workout exercises that you can incorporate into your health journey. These are completely free to download too. Enjoy some workout exerxises in the comfort of your own home. No more Gym membership fees.

Download and share the links with your friends and family.

Combine One Of Our Meal Plans With Our Turmeric Latte And Keto Tea For A Successful Weight Loss Journey

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